The Best And Most Popular Sports Websites in Africa

Sports are popular all over the world. It is no wonder, then, that it would be popular in all African countries. Depending on the country, some sports are more popular than others. Just like sports, sports betting is also popular, to a great extent. Sports betting is most easily done online, using online sportsbooks and casinos, like Spela Casino. Sportsbooks will often have results about various matches, specifically those you could have bet on, or did bet on.

Sports news, however, is another thing entirely. If you want to find out what’s new in the world of sports in Africa, here are the best sites to consider.


ESPN reports on just about anything. Their site has a dedicated esports section if you are more interested in what your favorite video game contenders are doing, compared to physical athletes. ESPN also provides you with a great mobile site, not to mention an app for both iOS and Android devices, covering just about every part of the market. Given how widespread their news coverage is, you are likely to find everything you want on African sports.


Sport24 is a site dedicated to sports news in South Africa. They are the biggest news source in South Africa. With a dedicated news tab for different sports, you can find out information about various local sports events. They also have a mobile app, for Android and iOS devices, which does a great job of delivering you the news on mobile devices.

Bleacher Report

This site is special because dedicated professionals can write blogs about all kinds of sports, on all levels, from collegiate to professional. It used to be a hot mess upon launch, because everybody could write news and blogs, without strict moderation. That resulted in poorly written articles, lots of them. With a change in moderation, not to mention a mobile application, Bleacher Report rose to the heights of being not just another news source, but one of the more interesting ones.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo is one of the world’s most popular sources of news, not just sports news. They offer other services, so their traffic is often much larger than other sites. Their reporting is instant and you can track a variety of sports, large and not as popular. As everybody above, they also have a mobile app, allowing you to stay updated on the go.

BBC Sport

Among the larger networks in the world, BBC Sport covers various sports and does so diligently. As all of the above, they offer coverage of multiple sports, as well as a mobile app, to keep users happy and their experience top notch. Their news cover sports events from all over the world so do not be surprised if you find news about African sports.

These are some of the best sports sites to consider visiting if you want to read about African sports news. There are plenty of local sites covering tiers of local sports, but these should do about general, national and international news.