Welcome to Africa News Times, the place where you find the latest news about African sports. Africa occupies so much space on the world map and has given lots of valuable athletes to the world, and yet there are few websites dedicated to the world of African sport. We aim to change that. Let’s just remember some of the best African athletes who entertained many enthusiasts during their career.


This is by far the most popular sport in Africa, which is why you will find many football related news on this website. Samuel Eto’o, one of the most decorated African footballer played for 2 great teams in Primera Division: Real Madrid and Barcelona. He won the European Cup while playing at Inter. He even played at the Russian club Anzhi and at Chelsea in Premiere League. We must not forget George Weah, Didier Drogba, Roger Milla and Abedi Pele.


Track and field sports are very much preferred by African athletes. They are known to often get the best places in sprints and long distance races. The first example that comes to mind is David Lejkuta Rudisha, born in Kenya in 1988. He is one of the most prolific middle-distance runner and he holds the Olympic record in the 800m race. Another Kenyan won the gold medal in the 2004 and 2012 Olympics: Ezekiel Kemboi Cheboi. Let’s not forget about Tirunesh Dibaba Kenene from Ethiopia, the woman who holds the 5000m world record and the 10,000m Olympic record.


Africa has produced some top class cricketers like Gary Kirsten and Allan Donald, born in South Africa. The game is also popular in countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya and Namibia among others.


Boxing is particularly popular in South Africa, Cameroon and Nigeria. This continent has given to the world plenty of top boxers such as Dick Tiger and Corrie Senders. Tiger was born in Nigeria and emigrated to Liverpool. During his career, Tiger held the World Middleweight and World Light Heavyweight titles. Corrie Sanders was born in South Africa and won the 2003 WBO heavyweight title.

Africa has the infrastructure

These are just a few of the sports that Africans love. Given the current development status of most African countries, many people ask themselves, where do these athletes train? Do runners run in the woods? Do footballers play on rudimentary dust fields? Do swimmers train in lakes? Well, no.

Africa has plenty of world class football stadiums, track fields and swimming pools to offer to whoever wants to turn pro. The $600 million Cape Town Stadium (64,100 seats), the $450 million Moses Mabhida Stadium (54,000 seats) and the $440 million FNB Stadium (94,736 seats) are just a few examples of amazing football stadiums in Africa. These 3 stadiums are located in South Africa, but don’t think for a second that this is the only place where you will find awesome training facilities for athletes. Algeria has an 80,000 seats stadium at Algiers, Morocco has several stadiums with 60,000+ seats, and so do Libya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt and Tunisia.

As you see, the African people have both the talent and the infrastructure to follow their dreams. Moreover, they have a lot of ambition to always overcome their limits. Many athletes started out in Africa and then moved on to 1st world countries to compete in world wide competitions. Their careers have benefited from the expertise of renowned trainers and they came to hold multiple world and Olympic records.

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African sports is as diverse and exuberant as the continent itself. Sports is central to many people’s lives and soccer is the most popular sport in almost all African countries, with Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Algeria currently at the top of FIFA World Ranking. Sports like basketball, handball, volleyball, and rugby are also among the most beloved passtimes all over Africa. Africa has constantly produced world champions in boxing and Olympic class athletes. Since 1965, the continent has its own Olympic Games as well: The All-Africa Games, held every four years. Kenya and Ethiopia dominate long distance running, while Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia excell in handball. Cricket is another sport hugely popular in Africa, particularly in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Africa is also home to many traditional and less known sports, such is Nubian wrestling, one of the oldest martial arts in history, or capoeira – a martial art with elements of dance, acrobatics and music, popular in Mozambique and Angola.

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