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Namibia’s first electronic vote

Namibia’s first electronic vote

Namibians voted on Friday in Africa’s first electronic election that is expected see the SWAPO

Namibie: découverte d’une réserve d’eau souterraine

La découverte récente d’une réserve d’eau datant de l’age de pierre pourrait

Namibie: le télescope “Tcherenkov” est installé

Namibie: le télescope “Tcherenkov” est installé

Le plus grand télescope de la catégorie “Tcherenkov”, de la taille de deux courts de tennis,

Namibia to spend $90 mln on Airbus planes

Namibia to spend $90 mln on Airbus planes

Air Namibia will pay $90 million for two new Airbus A319-100 planes to be delivered in 2014, the Namibian daily newspaper New Era said on Wednesday, citing an Airbus executive.

Namibia to allow foreign banks to open branches

Namibia will allow foreign banks to open branches and also make it easier for the government to increase local ownership of domestic banks, the southern African nation’s central bank said.

Ouverture du 30e sommet de l’Afrique australe à Windhoek

Les 15 membres de la Communauté de développement d’Afrique australe (SADC) se réunissent à partir de ce lundi pour leur 30e sommet dans la capitale namibienne.

Japan in pact for rare earth exploration in Namibia

State-backed Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp has agreed with Namibia to explore and develop mineral resources, especially rare earth and rare metals,

Mondial-2011 de rugby: la Namibie qualifiée

La Namibie s’est qualifiée pour la Coupe du monde 2011 en Nouvelle-Zélande après sa victoire 22 à 10 contre le Tunisie, samedi à Windhoek.

Day two of Namibia vote, ruling party set to win

Namibians voted for the second day on Saturday in presidential and parliamentary elections that looked set to keep the ruling party in power and hand President Hifikepunye Pohamba five more years at the helm.

Russia’s Medvedev seeks uranium deals in Namibia

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev sought uranium deals in Namibia on Thursday as part of a trip to promote Moscow’s economic interests in Africa, where it faces competition from China and the West for resources.