Zuma push for the African agenda at the WEF

Economy, Republic of South Africa, South Africa — By AfricaTimes on January 28, 2012 5:00 pm

As President Jacob Zuma landed on Swiss ground on Wednesday night to attend the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos the aim was to push for the African agenda.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the meeting on Wednesday by convincing the world’s delegates that Europe will overcome its Euro crisis. In addition, the founder of WEF Klaus Schwab declared that the aim of the meeting was for delegates to connect and explore constructive new long-term solutions and establish shared values.

However, despite the downgrading of South Africa’s outlook to 2.5% by the International Monetary Fund, President Zuma took on Davos with a business and government delegation with the aim to bolster growth and encourage new investments.

The Finance minister Pravin Gordhan emphasised that South Africa has many strengths and that businesses ought to unite and that unions, government and society must take advantage of all available opportunities.

Zuma critisised the European leaders for innumerable meetings without adequate results and emphasised that cohesive leadership is necessary. Calling for a strengthened south –south cooperation and adding, “we need to move Africa to convince Africa that working together, as the continent, as this one billion people, is in fact more advantageous than working as one single country across the seas.”

(Source: SABC)


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